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Warning: Construction Zone

December 13, 2012

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Hey folks! Just a heads up that CTM is currently a construction zone. I know, I know. Again. But I love playing around with photoshop and creating the perfect blog over and over again. This time I’m changing themes and unfortunately WordPress does not allow me to edit the blog before going live, so I have to do things a bit at a time. I apologize for the craziness that shall ensue but I promise to have it all done by tomorrow. Oh and I’m watching British show Taggart as I work haha.

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My Etsy Shop!

December 11, 2012

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Wooohoooo! Finally! I have products in my Etsy shop that I love! Originally, I tried selling blog banners and Etsy shop banners but that didn’t go so well. And I didn’t love them. But I love these products that I have designed. So far I have two items in my shop but will soon be adding more! Check out CTM Design Shoppe.

Item #1
Printable Save the Date, $15: Save money and print your save the date where ever you would like! If you buy this products the ordering directions are at the bottom of the listing (things like emailing me the photo, names, date, etc).

Item #2
frontPrintable Save the Date, $15: Save money and print your save the date where ever you would like! If you buy this products the ordering directions are at the bottom of the listing (things like emailing me the photo, names, date, etc).

photos by Kent Mast. Also, neither of these are my save the date…I just used my engagement pictures because that’s what I have haha. What do you think of my designs?

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Blogs I Stalk

December 9, 2012

Obviously, I love blogs. I mean, I run a blog so I would hope that I would love blogs. I find great pleasure in reading others’ blogs…especially blogs that are full of fun, relative, well-written content that is often changing and of course the blog must be well designed and easy to navigate. Reading the writings and adventures of others is so inspiring to me and finding a new blog to love on, just makes me all excited! So I thought that I would share just a few of my favorite blogs with you. More can be found on my Pinterest board.
blogs i stalk1. Oana Befort // 2. Secondhand Sundays // 3. Jennifer Blair Photography // 4. Headed Somewhere // 5. Linen, Lace, and Love // 6. I Just Might Explode // 7. Oh Happy Day // 8. The Fresh Exchange // 9. Beautifully Pure

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Photo An Hour

December 6, 2012

I’ve been wanting to do one of these photo an hour posts for the longest time! But last time I tried but kept forgetting to take a picture a two and since you can’t really go back in time….but yesterday I actually did it! Yay me! I hope you enjoy my day..because I certainly did!

   7:00 am
IMG_5362my usual breakfast of Puffins cereal and coffee in my favorite mug! And it’s not just my favorite mug because I work there, it’s just an awesome mug!

8:00 am
IMG_5369forty-ish minute commute to school. I hate driving.

9:00 am
IMG_5374my school never has enough parking spaces so I drove around for ten minutes trying to find a space with the correct colored lines. Annoying.

10:00 am
Evernote Camera Roll 20121204 145507I had to throw an iPhone photo into the mix…I couldn’t exactly pull out my camera in the middle of class…this is my view during Wellness class. Apparently this is high school and people draw on the walls…

IMG_5383I walked into Seth’s house to find that he had taken apart his external computer monitor to try and fix it. Is it weird that the fact that he knows how to fix the insides of a computer seriously impresses me? Cause it does.

IMG_5386Seth dropped me off at Barnes & Noble while he went to have his car inspected. I enjoyed a soy latte and a cinnamon scone while I pretended to do school work.

IMG_5387his car inspection took longer than expected because surprise, surprise he got talking to the people he used to work with at the car dealership (that’s sarcasm by the way). I downgraded to a zero calorie drink while working on Photoshop and spent probably thirty minutes reading my favorite magazine, Artful Blogging.

IMG_5393stopped at Seth’s place long enough to see the mess of bills that his roommate made on the living room floor.

IMG_5438IMG_5430IMG_5458IMG_5473-2Seth and I walked around the city for awhile…

IMG_5478we had an early dinner at Annie Bailey’s courtesy of a gift card that my boss gave me for my birthday. As usual, Seth and I started our meal off with Spinach & Artichoke dip.

IMG_5481IMG_5487IMG_5492IMG_5499by the time we got out of dinner it was dark out and the lights looked beautiful! Then we hit up the cafe I work at for a drink (I had a soy London Fog) before heading to the movies. The next to last picture is to showcase how small our city’s Christmas tree is…if you’re going to put the tree beside a huge civil war era monument, the tree needs to be just as epic.

IMG_5517we went to a discount movie theater that plays movies after they’re out of regular theaters to see Taken 2. We were the only ones in the theater until the very start of the movie. Darn it lol

IMG_5526we went back to Seth’s for mint chocolate chip frozen yogurt.

IMG_5527back at home for an early bed time. I sleep with my computer right beside me in bed and usually fall asleep to Murder, She Wrote thanks to Netflix. I might have a problem.

I hope you enjoyed my fun filled day! I’m so glad I finally did one of these and can’t wait to do another one!
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Realizing God’s Love

December 5, 2012

Growing up I always dreamed about being married and finding my Prince Charming. Even as young as three years old when I was a flower girl, I was sure that I was marrying the ring bearer when the bride said “I do” to her groom. I distinctly remember playing house when I was little and of course, I always had the perfect husband to go along with my day derma. None of that changed as I grew older either. I always dreamed about being courted and romanced by a tall, handsome, charming young man. I have to say that I was a little bit boy crazy in my middle school and early high school years. I liked only a few guys but I latched on pretty easily (it’s so embarrassing thinking back…) and quickly to those few. In total I went on two dates before my junior year of high school and neither one amounted to anything. I always thought that I would be the first out of my friends to have a boyfriend but that didn’t so much happen. Then I finally told myself to stop pursing them and allow them to pursue me. I don’t know what changed but something inside my crazy head just snapped within like a day (I’m not kidding, it really was like a day or two). I had been texting this guy from school only to find out that he liked someone else but as I was texting him this kid from youth group was always texting me, but I assumed the youth group kid was just being friendly so I was friendly back. I stopped texting the kid from school after I finally figured out that there was no hope there and then all the sudden, out of the blue, the kid from youth group asked me out on a date. Oh by the way, this kid that I’m talking about from youth group is Seth. I went on the date just because I was flattered and thought he was fun. Well that movie date (we saw which ever Narnia move it was that came out in 2010) ended up including a two hour coffee date after the movie that only ended because he had to go to work. A week and a half later he had breakfast with my dad and asked to date me. A few days after that, we are Facebook official. Eeek! My first boyfriend! Two weeks into dating we had our first kiss and about a month into dating we said I love you. When you know, you know.

Little did I know that God was slowly preparing me for this amazing man and preparing him for me. I am so thankful that I never kissed or even held the hand of another man. I feel no sadness at missing out on all the “let’s go out” stuff that happens in middle school/high school and I’m very very thankful that Seth only had a few not very serious relationships and that we’ve saved ourselves for each other. While God was preparing me for this crazy adventure, he was also preparing Seth. And boy did He create an amazing, hardworking, protective man just for me.
I am so thankful for Seth. He fights to win my heart no matter what and spoils me to no end! I also just love all the work he does at church and how much of his heart is in ministry. I grew up a pastor’s kid so I grew up working in the church and have quite the heart for ministry as well. He’s a gentleman, always opening the car door for me and carrying my bags. He puts up with the midnight calls full of sobbing and anxiety attacks and does not fuss about them one bit. Enough bragging about my soon-to-be hubby and more on the point of this post…
I cannot wait to be married to my bestest friend! Without him I know that I could not fully realize the true depth of God’s love. Before I met Seth, I always scared guys away with my…I guess we’ll say uniqueness (one guy literally told me I was just weird)…and as much as I knew that God loved me, I never understood just how much love He has for me. When I realized that Seth was not going to leave me even though I rarely stop talking and am often very, very awkward I realized that if Seth, one of God’s creations, wasn’t going to leave me even when I made a huge mistake, that God most definitely won’t leave me.
And that’s my theory. God gives us spouses in order for us mere humans to catch a teeny tiny glimpse of His immense love for us. God loves us no matter what! Seriously! He really does! Even if you think that you’re unworthy of His love think about the people around you who love you. They love you despite your mistakes, don’t they? Well there you go, if a human can forgive you then God, the one who created that friend of yours, obviously forgives you too! I never would have realized the height of God’s love if it hadn’t been for Seth! It’s just another reason why I am so thankful for the man that God created for me.
I know this is a rather lengthy post but I’m feeling very thankful right now and just had to express it somehow. For those of you that are married/engaged, do you feel the same way that I do? If so, how did your realization come about?
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Christmas Gifts: ModCloth

December 3, 2012

I have some more lovely goodies for you today! I hope you are having so much fun finding and giving gifts…I only  have a few more to decide on and then I have to go buy them all (boo things costing money). Enjoy these picks from ModCloth!

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Christmas Gifts: Urban Outfitters

December 1, 2012

For the second installment in my Christmas Gift series I’m featuring a bunch of super fun stuff from Urban Outfitters. If anyone wants to buy my that journal, I’d love you forever…it’s so cute! And that Diana F+ camera…ugh! To die for! Anyways…enjoy all the super fun stuff on this list!


Next in the series: gifts from Modcloth!