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Welcome to Catch the Moments, my personal journal space where I aim to inspire creativity and share my beliefs. I’m currently engaged to my bestest friend (yes, bestest) in the whole world, and our wedding is set for June 21st, 2013. I’m nineteen and a freshman at Millersville University studying journalism (although someday I may switch to creative writing or literature). Seth is very involved in the tech ministry at our church, Victory Church, and we are both heavily involved in the youth group as small group leaders. Obviously, church is a huge part of our lives. Aside from going to school full time I also work part time at an awesome coffee shop in Lancaster and although it is crazy, I love it (I’m quite the small city lover). Until, the wedding I am living at home with my brother (Nate, 17 years old), and my mom and dad. My mom been diagnosed with epilepsy since I was in 5th grade but it wasn’t until I was in 7th grade that it got really bad. Currently, it is still uncontrolled although it has gotten a bit better. My dad works for WJTL, a local Christian radio station, and therefore I get to go to a lot of awesome Christian concerts. Up until a few years ago my dad was a pastor, so I grew up a PK (pastor’s kid). I guess it was destined for me to marry someone involved at church. My family is a huge part of my life, even though they frustrate me half the time. But whose family doesn’t frustrate them?

My wedding. Oh I am so excited for my wedding. It’s going to be amazing and perfect and everything I have ever dreamed of. It’s a fairly small wedding (not more than 125 people) and I’m making it very intimate and special. My venue is at this great old Victorian-era house on their grounds, which are surrounded by tons of trees. I’m having so much fun planning all the little details and I will be sharing them with you as well! Some I will not post until after the wedding (keeping some surprises and everything) but I will post a few on CTM for ya’ll to enjoy. For now I’ll leave you with these words to describe my wedding: flowy, sunshine, vintage, romantic, intimate, God-centered.

Another huge topic on my blog is God. Like I said earlier, I am hugely involved in my church so obviously God is a huge topic on my blog. I’ll share some of my devotions and church events with you and I hope I can inspire you to live your life for Christ as I am aiming to do (I am by no means a perfect Christian).

I love making new friends and if you think you’ll fit in here, please stick around and comment and participate. Seriously, I really love making new friends! Don’t be shy! Let’s inspire together!
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