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Photo An Hour

December 6, 2012

I’ve been wanting to do one of these photo an hour posts for the longest time! But last time I tried but kept forgetting to take a picture a two and since you can’t really go back in time….but yesterday I actually did it! Yay me! I hope you enjoy my day..because I certainly did!

   7:00 am
IMG_5362my usual breakfast of Puffins cereal and coffee in my favorite mug! And it’s not just my favorite mug because I work there, it’s just an awesome mug!

8:00 am
IMG_5369forty-ish minute commute to school. I hate driving.

9:00 am
IMG_5374my school never has enough parking spaces so I drove around for ten minutes trying to find a space with the correct colored lines. Annoying.

10:00 am
Evernote Camera Roll 20121204 145507I had to throw an iPhone photo into the mix…I couldn’t exactly pull out my camera in the middle of class…this is my view during Wellness class. Apparently this is high school and people draw on the walls…

IMG_5383I walked into Seth’s house to find that he had taken apart his external computer monitor to try and fix it. Is it weird that the fact that he knows how to fix the insides of a computer seriously impresses me? Cause it does.

IMG_5386Seth dropped me off at Barnes & Noble while he went to have his car inspected. I enjoyed a soy latte and a cinnamon scone while I pretended to do school work.

IMG_5387his car inspection took longer than expected because surprise, surprise he got talking to the people he used to work with at the car dealership (that’s sarcasm by the way). I downgraded to a zero calorie drink while working on Photoshop and spent probably thirty minutes reading my favorite magazine, Artful Blogging.

IMG_5393stopped at Seth’s place long enough to see the mess of bills that his roommate made on the living room floor.

IMG_5438IMG_5430IMG_5458IMG_5473-2Seth and I walked around the city for awhile…

IMG_5478we had an early dinner at Annie Bailey’s courtesy of a gift card that my boss gave me for my birthday. As usual, Seth and I started our meal off with Spinach & Artichoke dip.

IMG_5481IMG_5487IMG_5492IMG_5499by the time we got out of dinner it was dark out and the lights looked beautiful! Then we hit up the cafe I work at for a drink (I had a soy London Fog) before heading to the movies. The next to last picture is to showcase how small our city’s Christmas tree is…if you’re going to put the tree beside a huge civil war era monument, the tree needs to be just as epic.

IMG_5517we went to a discount movie theater that plays movies after they’re out of regular theaters to see Taken 2. We were the only ones in the theater until the very start of the movie. Darn it lol

IMG_5526we went back to Seth’s for mint chocolate chip frozen yogurt.

IMG_5527back at home for an early bed time. I sleep with my computer right beside me in bed and usually fall asleep to Murder, She Wrote thanks to Netflix. I might have a problem.

I hope you enjoyed my fun filled day! I’m so glad I finally did one of these and can’t wait to do another one!
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  1. December 6, 2012 2:16 pm

    Great Shots. Congrats =)

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