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‘Tis the Season

November 27, 2012


The Christmas season has finally arrived! I simply adore all the baking and seeing of old friends during this time of year (I do hate the cold though). I also love that I have 6 weeks off for winter break. Yup, it’s pretty legit. I have so many wonderful plans for Christmas and I’ve already started Christmas shopping! I have a huge list of gifts to get/make this year and my goal is to make them all! Last year I had a pretty big list too but I ended up skipping the less important people (I know, I suck) and some of the gifts just turned out crappy. So embarrassing. This year is also the first year that I am not at all worried about getting gifts. I mean, sure I have my wedding registries made (I’m registered at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Target if you are so inclined haha) but I have no Pinterest Christmas wish list. Instead, I am more worried about finding the perfect gifts for my supportive family and friends. I guess that means I’m growing up, right? I like to think that’s what it is haha.
I’ve got big plans for the Christmas season on Catch the Moments. Every single week I will post a Christmas-y themed recipe (tomorrow I’ll be sharing a recipe for peppermint hot chocolate rice krispie treats) and also every week I’ll share some gift ideas (some may be diy and some may be from stores…you’ll just have to keep checking to find out). I hope you will enjoy this Christmas season on Catch the Moments. God bless!

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