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Welcome to the New Catch the Moments

November 21, 2012

Welcome, friend to the final design of Catch the Moments. You may or may not have noticed that over the last year or so I’ve changed my blog design pretty much weekly. As of today I finally settled on a design that I love. And I hope you love it just as much! With my upcoming marriage I’ve decided to switch to a bit more of a sophisticated design to match my new life path.

home decor – I’m insanely excited to design my first apartment! It’s going to be so small, I know, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a home.
Jesus – He happens to be a pretty big part of my life so obviously I’m gonna blog about Him.
entertaining – you probably think I’m crazy for wanting to have friends over all the time after I’m married between school and work and Seth. But I’m gonna make it work. Trust me.
photography – I’m still working on building my photography skills and I love it. Like a lot.
weddings – my wedding specifically. Duh!
food – oh my heavens do I love food! I adore cooking and baking and I want to share that love with you too.

I hope you stick around and follow my upcoming adventures! Also, I promise to most more now that I have my design down and I’ve finished my other recent design project.

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