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Let’s Just Be Honest Here…

October 27, 2012

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I haven’t exactly been doing my devotions every single day for awhile…
I worshipped at church, listened to my Brad & Rebekah Pandora station but I haven’t been taking time with God or studying His word. And you know what, I was feeling pretty darn empty. I’m going to compare myself to a gas tank…everything is going great and I’m filled up then life catches up and I get lazy with God and soon my light comes on and you can only go so far on E.
Last night I was really feeling empty but for some reason I just still wasn’t into doing some devotions. Maybe I’m just lazy, I don’t know. But what matters is that I finally had God time this morning. First thing, I put on some quiet worship, prayed, and opened up the Word. I find the Bible so exciting, I really need to read it more often.

I guess my point of this post is to just be honest with anyone who reads this as well as with myself. I let life catch up on me and I got lazy with God. It’s not cool and I felt so empty. So thank you God for forgiving me and my many imperfections.

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