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Drools: Episode 21

October 26, 2012

Check out this awesome toaster. It toasts words and pictures into the bread! How cool would it be if you could get custom templates?

I’m gonna try to make this recipe next week if possible. It kind of has an awkward name. Maybe I’m just awkward. But these look so good I just had to share the recipe for Buffalo Balls.

Oh how I want these mugs so badly. They are so awesome. Need.

I love this adorable dress from ModCloth. Could easily take you from a Holiday party (paired with tights and black heels and a cardigan) to the lovely springtime.

I’m thinking of making macarons for the wedding because they can be so expensive to buy! This baking mat is a must!

Seth has me on a strict spending budget so that means less eating out. I found a recipe for sweet and sour chicken that looks absolutely delicious. What now Seth, I can still get “take-out.”

This print is so adorable. Just the kind of stuff I’m looking at for our apartment.

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