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Senior Session: Kahley.

September 18, 2012

I have officially completed my first photo shoot for somebody!
Over the summer Kahley (whom I know from youth group) contacted me about doing her senior photos. I was rather surprised. I had just got Ezmerelda, my Canon T2i, and was still learning (and still am). But I said test but told her not to expect too much. Finally the shoot date appeared and the weather was absolutely perfect! Sunny, a gorgeous blue sky, and the perfect temperature! And the shoot went much better than I was expecting. As in I actually took a couple awesome shots. haha I was so nervous!! Without further adieu, here are the best of photos from Kahley’s senior session.

We probably laughed during the entire shoot! Her smile is so infectious, it was a joy to shoot her! Special thanks to her friend Emily for tagging along and Kent Mast for consulting.

My goal is NOT to become a professional photographer. It’s just a hobby for me and something I absolutely adore doing. Most of my photography is for my blog and for personal use. But I would love to do shoots on the side of my professional career and since I’m a journalism major, photography is a good skill to have. I just wanted people to know that little detail about me. I love photography so so much but it’s not my goal to make it my career.

Look for more shoots (hopefully) coming soon!

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