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Dorm Days: Dorm Tour

September 8, 2012

Finally! My room is [almost] finished. And I love it! It’s just nice to have a place of my own that feels like home. I could spend hours in here if it wasn’t so small. I hope you enjoy seeing my half of the tiniest dorm room on campus.

Yes, Stephen Fry is on my laptop…I was watching Kingdom.
Found the bedspread at TJ Maxx
My awesome collage which is still in the works.
I absolutely love my photo wall! And that weekly planner white board saves my life!
The desk I don’t do homework on…
Cork tiles from A.C. Moore. My favorite way to organize necklaces.
Picture frame from Target. Photo by Kent Mast (Seth’s weirdo roommate).
I’m aware that the flowers are almost dead. Gotta get new ones. And of course my aloe plant ’cause I’m a clumsy one.

I’m loving college so far. I love being on my own and have freedom and making new friends. I adore my dorm room! It’s finally starting to feel like “home” to me. Something I never thought I would say. But I do love it. The bathrooms are scary but I’m pushing through and learning through this process. I was so scared/anxious/worried about living in a dorm but it’s now my home. And my roommate and I get along well so that helps quite a bit. Here we go Millersville Class of 2016!


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