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How To: Install Fonts (mac)

August 15, 2012

Installing a font on your mac (sorry Windows users, I’m hopeless there) is so super easy and insanely addictive! I may or may not have spent hours and hours at one time downloading fonts that I may never use……..

Find a neat-0 font that you just love! Today I found Cinnamon Cake on 1001 Free Fonts and decided to download it. So I clicked download for Mac OS X (this is super important!! The fonts will not work if you download a windows version).

Anything you download will immediately go to your downloads folder which you can access in Finder (that guy with a cute little face on your dashboard). Then search for “Font Book” in spotlight and open that guy up. It’s easiest if you place them side by side like I did.

Click on your font so it’s highlighted and drag it over towards font book. Now you can drop it right into the section where all the other fonts are but when you have a million fonts sometimes it gets caught in the other fonts’ sub folders. So it’s easiest just to drop it right on ‘User’ like I’ve shown you here.

Finally, close font book and open up your typing program (if you’re poor like me you’ve got all Apple stuff and not that fancy Microsoft Word and what not). Find your font in the font panel and type away!

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