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Tuesday Tunes: Episode 1

August 7, 2012

Welcome to a new series on CTM! Tuesday Tunes will be posted every other Tuesday and include my latest favorite songs. They may be old or new but they will be awesome. I promise. Now onto episode one…

You Are Great, Brad & Rebekah
You Are Great is from Brad & Rebekah’s newest album, ‘Acousicly Inclinded.’ I love every song on the album and these two make beautiful, Spirit-filled music together! They are also the sweetest people! I had the opportunity to meet them a few weeks a go when they held a worship concert at my church. Two very cool people with very cool music.

Headphones, Britt Nicole
I have loved Britt for years and years and her newest music is by far my favorite. It’s still young and fun but a bit more grown up. Every time Headphones comes on the radio it’s stuck in my head for the rest of the day. So go check it out so I don’t feel so weird when I’m silently singing it in my head….

Be Ok, Ingrid Michaelson
I adore Ingrid’s older music like this song but hate her newer stuff. Anyways, this song always manages to make me smile and attempt to sing a long (with disastrous results).

1945, Jamie Grace
Jamie is so super cute and her songs reflect that 100%. Her song ‘1945’ talks about how she wishes she was born in another decade but in reality she was “born right on time” to follow God’s plan. I completely connect with that song.

Furious, Jeremy Riddle
Such an awesome worship song! Gets me all excited just thinking about it! This is also a song to listen to on early morning runs (which are a rare event nowadays..).

Here Comes Your Man, Meaghan Smith
You may recognize  this song from the wonderful movie ‘500 Days of Summer’ so that automatically tells you that it’s adorable. I just love it. It makes me want to dance around in circles with Sethy.

Here Comes My Girl, Relient K
Relient K just has fun, fun songs. Their karaoke albums are beyond fun! I love this song lots and lots. Obviously…

Dark Horses, Switchfoot
Seth and I went to a Switchfoot concert in May for his birthday and it was the most amazing concert either of us had ever been too. Their new album, ‘Vice Versas,’ is amazing and Dark Horses is one of my favorites although it is very hard to choose. I often have the whole cd on shuffle when I’m at work. Love it.

I Need a Break…But I’d Rather Have a Breakthrough, The Rocket Summer
This song says just how I’ve been feeling lately. This guy opened for Switchfoot at that concert I went to and he is uber talented…singing was a bit rough but he is quite the musician.

Sugar Town, Zooey Deshcanel
Another song from ‘500 Days of Summer’…I just love the soundtrack to that movie and this one is my favorite. Such a happy summery song and it makes me feel all quirky and cute like Zooey.

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