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Family Reunion

August 4, 2012

I literally just got back from Seth’s mom’s side of the family, family reunion (that sentence probably has so many errors…) and can’t sleep because I slept for an hour and a half in the car so now my sleep is all messed up and I’m kind of hungry at the moment (I totally should have made those oatmeal cookies yesterday). Since sleep is not currently happening I thought that I would fill the void by rambling on about the family reunion. Oh, and of course show you the instagram photo that I took on the way up.

From where we live, the rest of Seth’s extended family is about three hours away. So we packed up and drove to Lakemont Park, the 8th oldest amusement park in the US. The park itself is quite an interesting place…Seth’s dad and I were joking that it seemed like the perfect setting for a cheesy horror film where zombies came out at midnight……..
Anyways….Seth made me climb up the super high, bendy, wooden steps to go down the waterslides. I was terrified! I hate heights and trying newish things. But I did and immediately made him go back up with me. But seriously, the steps were obviously soaked and were quite soft in the center parts. Slightly worrying. And we road on the Skyliner.

photo source

Not a crazy roller coaster by any means but I adore wooden roller coasters. I’m not quite sure why but maybe it’s because they’ve already stood the test of time. I had such a great time on this guy though! It was so rickety and the bar that was supposed to keep you inside the car was sketchy and totally didn’t keep you in the car when you went down the hills. Seth and I sat in the very back car and his cousins and brother sat in the first two cars and there was no one in the middle so basically Seth and I got whipped around and at one point I swear that I totally could have fallen out of the roller coaster. No joke. Although I did not fall out of the coaster, Seth’s iPhone did and has not been found. It seems that we shall be visiting the Verizon store tomorrow…

Something else really cool is that Seth’s family has traced their family tree way back to the 1800s to this guy named Patrick who lived in Ireland and they’ve traced his move to the US, his change from following the Catholic church to becoming a Protestant, and his twelve kids and how they are all tied into one of the sons. They even found the draft form (I think it was from Patrick) when he signed up for the army; he may have even fought in the civil war! What was also amazing was how Seth sat still and interested while they went through the genealogy. That was a huge surprise because usually five minutes into anything like that he’s tapping his feet and trying to leave.

Even though it was a hot and sweaty day and we lost a phone I had a great time in the nostalgic park with Seth’s family. The hour and a half nap on the way home was also very lovely. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend as well! Apologies if this was boring but I like writing about this stuff and using the blog as a sort of journal so yeah…..

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  1. willowmuck permalink
    August 24, 2012 12:42 pm

    It sounds like a wonderful day! I love learning about family history and origins!


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