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August 1, 2012

Background: Anything labeled “My List” or “38 Before 19”  is about a little bucket list that I will be doing annually. This year it’s 38 things to do because I’ll be 19 and the next year it will be 40 since I’ll be turning twenty. And all the things are to be complete before my birthday on September 18th.

Honesty moment. I got really excited over the annual bucket list idea and kind of went overboard and gave myself unrealistic expectations. I only made the list last month which gave me approximately three and a half months to complete some crazy big projects. Oh and complete projects that took up a ton of time which I really don’t have and that annoying thing called money. So I still want to complete a list, I’ve just had to change six or seven of them to things I know I can complete. I’ll make the next list much, much earlier than this so I won’t run into this problem. Promise.

1. watch the sunrise
2. throw a pretty party
3. journal in my SMASH journal
4. make a yummy treat and give it to neighbors
5. sew something
6. take self-portraits
7. write to a pen pal
8. try a new food
9. ride a giant roller coaster
10. open an Etsy shop
11. move out
12. concoct a recipe
13. write up my testimony
14. try a new restaurant
15. diy some beauty products
16. get an “A” on a college test or essay
17. leave notes for random strangers
18. take photos of cows. done.
19. interview a fellow blogger
20. take photos of my dog
21. make a new friend
22. go hiking
23. use my pastels
24. learn how to tie a tie
25. sell on Poshmark
26. buy rain boots
27. see a new movie
28. buy a film camera
29. take photos of light at night/light in motion
30. map out restaurants
31. buy a camera bag
32. watch every episode of Murder, She Wrote
33. take ten photos of ten strangers
34. read through the entire Bible
35. visit the zoo. done.
36. make dinner for somebody
37. sell ad spaces on the blog. done.
38. do a photo shoot for somebody


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