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Petting Zoo Trip.

July 22, 2012

Woooohooooo. I can now check another activity off my list.

I really wanted to go to a “legit” zoo. Like in DC or Philly but neither of those are going to happen so I settled on a petting zoo. Well, this place is called a petting “farm” and features donkeys, one pig, one llama, two peacocks, goats, and two random chickens. Kind of lame but Seth and I had a pretty fun time. The animals were hilariously awkward so that’s always fun. Who doesn’t love an awkward goat…

And this one donkey kept eating the wooden fence. I mean literally chewing on the wood. I knew donkeys and animals like that ate pretty much anything but wouldn’t the wood be a bit uncomfortable?

And the peacocks were really strutting their stuff for us! Their tails were absolutely gorgeous!

And this chicken looked quite mean. But all chickens are. Especially when they are in cages all by their lonesome. Boo.

Then we found a pig. A sleeping pig.

So the zoo kind of sucked but I had a good time taking pictures and then we walked around the park (’cause the farm is inside a park) for awhile. Sethy even played on the jungle gym. haha He’s such a cutie.

I’m pretty sure that Seth can make any situation ridiculously funny. I love that about him :)

Haha so sorry for the awkward writings in this post. I’m in the process of forcing myself to be tired since I have to be at work super early tomorrow morning. It’s only half working. But I hope you liked the photos! I think I’m slowly getting a bit better with my camera. Yay me!

Oh and while I’m being awkward and random. I got the name of my roommate for college and sent her this super awkward email Saturday morning at like 7:30. It’s so awkward that Seth read it and laughed. She hasn’t emailed me back. I fail.


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