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Review: Agatha Christie’s Poirot

July 15, 2012

One of my biggest obsessions is Agatha Christie novels, so when I see a movie or show based off of one of her books I will obviously watch it without hesitation. Such was the case when I stumbled upon a show entitled “Agatha Christie’s Poirot.” At first I was a bit worried that the image of the infamous Poirot would be tainted by a horrible reproduction of his character. But alas, I was pleasantly surprised!

Poirot and Hastings examining a crime scene in ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’

Poirot is played by David Suchet and he looks exactly as he is described by Agatha Christie. Simply perfect. His close companion, Captain Hastings, is played by Hugh Fraser who does an excellent job pulling off the well known character. Chief Inspector Jap of the Scotland Yard is played by Philip Jackson and Poirot’s faithful secretary is played by Pauline Moran

Poirot, Lemon, and Jap talk over clues in ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’

Made in 1989 through to this year, each episode is based quite closely to a different Poirot novel by Agatha Christie. I have read nearly all of Agatha Christie’s books (it’s my goal to read all of them this year) and I was pleasantly surprised at how close each scene is to the corresponding book. That’s always a huge deal for me. Even if a show or movie is quite good, if it’s not close to the book it’s completely ruined for me.

Poirot addressing a room of suspects in ‘Death in the Clouds’

Netflix currently features six seasons of the wonderful show and Suchet does a perfect job portraying the well known character and habits of Hercule Poirot in each and every episode. My favorite episodes are ‘The Myserty of the Spanish Chest,’ ‘The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman,’ and ‘Murder on the Links.’ If you are a die hard Agatha Christie fine just like me or you just love unique character I would definitely recommend “Agatha Christie’s Poirot.”

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