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French Macaroons

July 10, 2012

I’ve been hearing about these things called ‘French Macaroons’ for awhile now but I didn’t really know where to buy any (because where I live it’s all home baked Amish foods).


Well Friday night was First Friday downtown and I work right downtown. The cafe was absolutely insane. The craziest I have ever seen it on a First Friday. I was on register for like seven hours straight and we were on a 45 minute weight for any drink other than iced coffee, strawberry lemonade, and iced tea (because they are pre made). By now you’re wondering what this has to do with French Macaroons. I promise it’s coming. Every First Friday, because the cafe is so insane, or boss repays everyone who is working that night with free dinner (I mean we get money in an account to get food at the cafe but they get non-cafe food for us haha). So this time we had food from a super yummy Vietnamese restaurant. When I went back to get my share of the treat I found boxes of French Macaroons with our food! Haha strangest combination of food, no? Well I had a hazelnut French Macaroon and it was delicious. I am now set on having more.

So since I must throw a pretty party to help complete my list I have decided to buy some French Macaroons for it, since they are just beautiful. I am hoping to find some locally but for now the only place I know to look is Etsy. Everything is on Etsy…it’s just a lovely, beautiful place. So here’s some yummy pictures for you to drool over. If you’re lucky  enough to have money and want to buy the Macaroons featured simply click the photo for the link through. Where is your favorite place to buy French Macaroons?


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