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Movie Review: The Invention of Dr. Nakamats

July 6, 2012

I was browsing the internet reading all my favorite blogs and on Apple Blue I came across her Post about 4 Must See Documentaries. The first one of the list was ‘The Invention of Dr. Nakamats’ and from her description I knew that I just had to see it. And see it I did.

The documentary highlights famed Japanese inventor Dr. Nakamats around the time of his 80th birthday (in 2009). I know what you’re thinking. This is going to be a very education movie, right? Well you’re wrong. This guy is eccentric and the movie is probably the most interesting thing you will ever watch.

Dr. Nakamats is very smart and is recognized as one of the top scientists in the world. In the screenshot above he is pictured at the top along with Archimedes, Madame Curie, Nikola Tesla, and Michael Faraday. He has invented things such as the floppy disk along with the world’s first floppy disk reader. So he is very intelligent. But keep reading…

One of his biggest worries was planning his birthday party and having the hotel room named “Dr. Nakamats’ Room.” That was a whole ordeal. The poor hotel manager had to go bowing and scraping to Nakamats every time something went wrong.

One of the weirdest things was how Nakamats comes up with his inventions. He likes to come as close to death as possible because he believes that the brain is most active 0.5 seconds before death. So he invented a notebook that can be used under water and nearly drowns himself to come up with ideas. This is for real.

The movie is very crudely made but it fits. When you are highlighting a very eccentric person it almost wouldn’t make sense to have smooth camera motions and to have the subtitles match when he does speak English…right? haha But seriously. The oddness of how it was created fits the movie very well.

Above is a shot from my favorite part of the movie. Nakamats explained that he was named one of the most expensive lecturers in the world and then the documentary proceeds to show us one of his lectures. He ended the gathering with a song that he wrote about how it is important to attend school everyday. It was very strange. I can’t even explain it. You really just need to watch it.

Perhaps it was the oddity of the subject but this movie is without a doubt, one of my favorites. Seth and I are planning a date night so he can see it as well. If you have Hulu Plus you absolutely must check out this movie. At 57 minutes long, it is well worth your time. Enjoy!

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