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Behind the Scenes with Kent Mast Photo & Video

July 3, 2012

Meet my friend Kent Mast. He runs a little business called Kent Mast Photo & Video and he’s pretty awesome saucely awesome! You should totally check out his blog because the wedding videos will make you tear up. No lie. Even if you don’t know the couple. He’s so good at pulling emotion from people through both photo and video and that’s what makes his work so great! I’ve had the opportunity to shadow Kent on an engagement shoot and he’s also done two shoots for me (1, 2). He’s always been super patient with annoying people, like myself, and has taught me a lot about photography already.

Yesterday, Sunday, my friend who is back home visiting from Connecticut, had Kent do her senior photos so me and my camera (which is now named Ezmerelda) tagged a long for the… I guess it was fun. The scratches all over my legs so otherwise though. He made me walk through an old lake bed which is new infested with thorns and bristles and pokey/scratchy things. That part wasn’t fun. Kent did show me a few cool tricks for Ezzie (short for Ezmerelda). Like how to take photos with the lens off. Super neato stuff.

Take a gander at a few of the shots I was able to grab of Behind the Scenes with Kent Mast Photo & Video. And be sure to check back on Kent’s blog in a few weeks or so and see the professional photos of my lovely friend Vicki!

P.S. Kent will be on the blog again next week ‘cause him and Sethy are moving in together so I’ll have lots of fun moving pictures for ya’ll!

Kent being annoying.

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