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Weekend Recap

June 25, 2012

I had a very filled up weekend!

Started with Sethy coming home Saturday morning! Yay! So I stayed at his house all day and spent time with him! I missed my man! But he had a fantastic time at BigStuf and a rather interesting time with the room full of 7th grade boys (one of them lost 1 of the 2 insulin pumps he took along….yeah Seth had a longgggggg week). It was lovely to be with him again! I missed him very much :)

Sunday was crazy. I had to go to church early to help some new peoples set up the nursery (’cause we have church in a movie theater so everything has to be set up and torn down on Sundays). And Sethy plays in the worship band there (he’s a bass player) and worship was beyond amazing! I really felt the Holy Spirit and God really confirmed some things going on in my life and future. I’m so excited! Then Sethy and I went to the park where I got to play around with my lovely new camera, a Canon t2i and 50mm lens.


Sethy is in this band called the Jimmy Emig Band and they had a gig at a church so we headed over there for the evening. Jimmy and his wife, Andrea are such a cool couple! Andrea was just about to declare her one year anniversary of being free of breast cancer when two weeks ago she found out she has a reoccurrence. She will be having a double mastectomy on July 17th so prayers would be much appreciated. They are such an amazing and strong couple and it is a blessing to know them! Here’s a few shots from the evening…

Jimmy and Andrea Emig

I hope ya’ll had a lovely weekend!



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