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New, New Year’s Resolutions.

June 21, 2012

In reality I never made any resolutions.

Oh well.

I’ve just been remembering things I want to do in my head but we all know that doesn’t always work. Then I saw a post on one of my favorite blogs, The Dainty Squid, about her update on her New Year’s Resolutions. And I was then inspired.

I made a new, New Year’s Resolutions list! Yay!

*Be a better blogger

          I’m sure that you’ve seen all the changes on here already but my hope is to be legit. I love blogging so much! It’s so much fun and I love the idea of connecting and inspiring people around the world!

*Do devotions everyday

         I always know that when I do my devotions I have a much happier and peaceful day but sometimes I just don’t do them. I always manage to find an excuse and that’s stupid.

*Attend church more often

         I love my church! Like a buttload! But sometimes I just throw excuses out about getting up early or dealing with people or being tired or blah blah blah. And I love being at church so so I don’t know why I do this……

*Pray daily

         Me and prayer haven’t always been super tight…I just never knew how to pray. But Seth is helping me so much! He prays with me and I’m not embarrassed to pray in front of him so that’s helping a lot.

*Do devotions with Seth

         Seth and I try to do devotions when we can and we pray for each other everyday separately…but we both want to sit down and read the Bible together more often.

*Read at least one book every two weeks

         I adore reading I just haven’t been making the time for it. I have such a freaking huge reading list for this summer!

*Make a budget plan

         I am horrible at saving money. As soon as I have money it’s gone in a month. Blah. I have a lot going on this year (like college) that I really need to save up for!

*Keep my car clean

         Sounds simple right? Yeah, well you’d think so……..

*Write more

         As a future journalism major, you’d think I write all the time. But I don’t. I love writing though and I have all kinds of ideas for stories (fictional and non) spinning around in my head. I just need to get them down on paper (yes, paper not the computer…I can only handwrite stories for some reason).

Make sure you annoy me about these! Because I need to complete them!!




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