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Blackwood Hall Muffins.

June 14, 2012

Maybe two years ago my parents got me this Nancy Drew cookbook. Growing up, I read every single Nancy Drew book written, mostly because I have some of the original copies of the first few books that were my grandmother’s. They are very dear and near to my heart (gosh, I just adore vintage books…knowing that someone else loved on the book as well just makes it even more special). I have made nothing from that cookbook, mostly because the majority of them are weirdo foods/recipes. Like gross not just “new” and “interesting.”

Well today, I was sitting around…doing nothing…and was so extremely bored. It was terrible. My work has been closed for going on two weeks now for renovations and I have nothing to do…how pathetic is that? Blah. So I’ve been very bored. I glanced over at my bookshelf and saw this cookbook sitting there.

I decided that today would be the day that I first make a Nancy Drew inspired recipe! I landed on ‘Blackwood Hall Muffins.’ In reality we would call them ‘Blueberry Muffins.’ It’s just a basic recipe but it was just fun to say that I made a Nancy Drew recipe!! If you loved Nancy Drew as much as I did as a child then perhaps you will have a wonderful, nostalgic time making these muffins as well.

The only thing I added to the recipe was a splash of vanilla because I like things a little sweeter. These are mucho delicious and just look adorable so…Enjoy!

the recipe:



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  1. Coralie permalink
    July 31, 2014 6:45 pm

    I love this recipe!! I wanted to make if for my grandparents while I was staying with them for the summer, but I left my ND cookbook at home. I’m so glad you put it up! I have most of it memorized because I make it so often, but I just wanted to be sure. When I go to school, the whole music building fights over these muffins when I make them!

  2. June 15, 2012 8:21 am

    These look delicious!

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