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Weekend Recap.

June 12, 2012

I don’t think I stopped moving the entire weekend. That thing called sleep that people do? Yeah, never heard of it before.


WITNESS FEST!! A freeeeeee [who doesn’t love free things] concert featuring some amazing artists! First up: Reilly. They were rather nifty with their violins!! Then the cute Jamie Grace! She was so adorable! If I had gotten to the fest early my dad [who is the promotional director at WJTL] could have gotten me into a meet-and-greet. Blah. Friends not wanting to leave early. haha Third up was The City Harmonic which was awesome! Love them! They were definitely one of Seth’s favorites! Then Big Daddy Weave played but none of us were huge fans so we ditched and walked a mile to Turkey Hill for clean bathrooms and ice cream. Oh that was um…not funny. It was like 90 degrees and insanely humid. We were a little fussy. But we made it back in time for Britt Nicole and she was so adorable! She seems so genuine! I saw her in concert like five years ago and she is still just as fun! Seth and I had fun dancing like dorks. ‘Cause that’s just how we roll. Then Jeremy Camp played and was awesome!! I rarely get the chance to worship beside Seth because he’s usually running the show at church or playing in the worship band so the that fact made the concert even better! I love worshipping with that many people!! It’s the most amazing thing to see!!!! If you ever get the chance to go to a concert like that take advantage of it because it’s amazing! Here’s some snaps of the day! The one in the top left is Jamie Grace!

Then Sunday was my graduation party [I graduated last Tuesday]! A huge shout out to my family for helping so much with the party! And to Seth! He let me drag him around the party introducing him to tons and tons of people without a complaint! He helped out so much! Thank you babe!! The party went very well and I have such generous friends whom I am blessed to know!! God has brought me through so much during high school and it was wonderful to have all the people there who supported me through hard times. I was so busy with making sure eveyrone was taken care of and talked to that I didn’t really get the chance to take many pictures…plus I hate that my iPhone doesn’t always take clear photos! I will be getting a camera in the next week or two! Wooohooooo

So that cool photo line thing I saw on Pinterest [where else would I get a cool idea from]. It’s string and little baby clothes pins! Easy and cute!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!



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