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All About Abby Episode 2

June 12, 2012

When I Grow Up…

I’m not very good at a lot of things. Like math. No seriously. I’m horrible at math.  I took a class at a local community college while I was in high school and I didn’t even pass the math placement test there. So obviously being a math genius was out of the question. And I’m even worse at science…because that uses math. So I for sure could never be a scientist!

Then there is English class. I geeked out in there. All that reading and writing. Seriously guys, I’m getting goose bumps thinking about it right now. I’m proud to say that got ‘advanced’ on my state test scores in both reading and writing as well as great scores on my SATs (they helped balance they 400 in math…but seriously..). So obviously reading and writing were to be in my future.

Currently, I am awaiting to start my freshman year at Millersville University to study….drum roll plus….journalism! Woot woot!!! I’m so excited! My goal for ‘when I grow up’ is to work with either publishing or editing. I dream of one day discovering the next Agatha Christie or Dr. Seuss or being the editor of some up-and-coming magazine in New York. Gah. I’m so excited. These next four years cannot come fast enough.

So when I’m all grown up maybe you’ll see my name in the fine print of a magazine or in the staff list at a major publishing house!



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