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Biker Blessing 2012

June 4, 2012

Woooo. Yesterday was such a crazy day! Well it really started on Saturday night haha

After church Saturday Seth and some guys set up for Sunday’s EPIC Biker Blessing and then they had to sleep over and guard the sound equipment so guess who got them Subway. That’s right, this girl! haha I’m such a dork……………

Sunday the boys were up before 6am to set up but I came at 7ish with coffee. ‘Cause I rock. Oh wait, Seth had a gift card but hey I went to get it haha

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself….this is all for the Biker Blessing which my church has held annually for the last few years. Basically hundreds of bikes come and line up, there’s some stuff to do, our pastor shares a message, and then they all go for a ride. It’s honestly so much fun and such a great out reach! We have tons of bikers at our church so that’s how it started.

Back to my little timeline that’s probably making you sleepy but I don’t careeeee mwahhahahaha


At 8 am this band Seth is in, the Jimmy Emig Band, played for like two hours and I being awesome, manned the merch table with Jimmy’s super cool kids.

Hey look out below! It’s Seth on bass! He’s such a loser face and as soon as he looked over and saw me with the camera he looked away. Meany face.

My church is epic. Let me tell you how awesome Victory is…

Our pastor and youth pastor road their motorcycles into the sanctuary. It was so epic..there’s just no other word for it!

There were so many people there! It was so amazing to see! Our pastor tallied it at around 1800 people! The sanctuary was filled (with tons of extra seats), the lobby was filled, anddd a big tent outside was filled (we watched it on tvs out there). 1800 people!!! Ahhhh! Such an amazing outreach and so many weren’t regulars at our church! Crazy awesomness!

Sorry for the terrible photo. Remember, I’m currently using my iPhone for pics haha And the lighting in the service isn’t the best for pics…

Then everyone got on their bikes. Over 300 bikes!! I’m not a fan of motorcycles but it was awesome to see! Each bike had a prayer partner before the ride and then they were off! So cool! Seth wants a bike…he ain’t getting one. lol

My friend Raquel took this picture…I failed on that part of pictures haha

We were blessed with such perfect weather! And this outreach was absolutely awesome and numerous people committed their lives to God. Watch the Biker Blessing message online.



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