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iPhone Love + Favorite Apps

May 31, 2012

I love my iPhone 4. If it died I would probably have a funeral for it. Pastor and everything. I can’t take a picture of my actual iPhone because temporarily it is my camera…see the predicament? Well, soon that shall be fixed. Anyways, the purpose of this post is to share how I organize my iPhone and my favorite apps.

Currently my phone is sporting the Otterbox Commuter case in teal. It’s not because I’m super clumsy or anything………..

On my lock screen (which I change daily) I feature a Bible verse so that I can keep myself motivated all day long!

The background for my two home screens is a picture of me and Sethy taken by our friend and photographer Kent Mast.

As you can also see, I don’t just name folders things like “games” or “health.” Oh no! It’s “Listys” and “Fittyness” for Abby! hehe

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for!

Abby’s Favorite Apps! [*claps* *cheers*]

(in no particular order)

1. Hipstamatic

          This app is amazing because it’s like having a bunch of film cameras in your pocket! The pictures really do come out like they would with a film camera! Love it! Here’s some shots I’ve taken on the fly (p.s. don’t you just love the funkiness of it?!):

2. YouVersion Bible

          This ain’t no ordinary Bible app folks! This guy has everything! You can bookmark stuff, share it, find devotionals and Bible reading plans!! It even reminds you to do your devotions! It’s awesome sauce! ANDDDDD (oh, yes there’s more!) there this part called “live” and if your church as as sweet as mine (Victory Church) you can actually follow along with the service outline (you know how they put notes in your programs, well now you can save paper and get those same notes on your phone!). It’s awesome. Trust me. Go get it. Now. It’s free. 

 3. Kindle

          So for the longest time I was 100% opposed to electronic books. But I have to say I love the Kindle app on my phone becauseeeee it’s so much lighter than a book and I can never have an excuse to not doing my devotional! Plus, it’s great to whip out when I’m on break at the cafe. Currently on my kindle I have Barefoot ChurchForgotten GodUnChristianThe Butterfly House (I’ve finished this one…such a great story!!), and Cook Yourself Thin.

4. MapMyRun

          I don’t want to give you the impression that I’m a hard core runner. I promise you I am most definitely not. But when I do run this app is awesome! It uses GPS to track my route and keeps time for me (which is so embarrassing lol). It also speaks your time at each mile. I think this app is pretty nifty so check it out if you ever run!

5. Mapquest

          I am forever getting lost and I’m horrible at following people’s instructions. See why mapquest is my fave? It speaks aloud to you and GPS tracks you as well!! I know this is boring but it is a necessity for me!

What are your must have/favorite apps?!



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