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Herb Garden.

May 30, 2012

This summer I’ve got it in my mind that I have a green thumb (not literally of course, because that would be weird). So I have planted an herb garden in a cute little pot! The pot + 6 herbs only cost me $24 and change! Win! I have absolutely no idea if I am doing this correctly or not! It’s going to be quite an adventure! I’m hoping to find some yummy recipes to add my darling herbs to and I plan on learning how to make my own tea with my chamomile (we already have mint leaves so chamomile + mint = yummy in my tummy!). Here’s picture’s of my adventure (freshly potted today).


#1. pine scented rosemary #2. english thyme #3. roman chamomile #4. lemon basil #5. pineapple scented sage #6. oregano



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