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Happy Birthday Sethy!!

May 3, 2012

Today is my love’s 19th birthday!!
Seth has been there for me through everything the last year (well a year and four months on Monday but who’s counting) and I love him more than anything! He is the man of my dreams and everything (and more) that I have ever prayed for!! God has blessed me so much by putting Seth in my life, I don’t know what I would do without him standing by my side. We are celebrating four days over the next two weeks! On Tuesday we went to Texas Roadhouse (because he loves anywhere that gives out free rolls) for dinner and then had a rather romantic hour long walk at a little park then finished off the night with frozen yogurt from Fro Yo. Tonight I’m heading to his house for cake and ice cream with the fam (his momma’s  birthday was yesterday). Then Sunday I have a very special surprise planned that you will see a post about on Monday (seriously I am so freaking excited). And next Thursday we are going to see SWITCHFOOT!!!!!!! I am the best girlfriend and got him tickets as his present!! Well I guess I should say my dad helped me out because he works at WJTL and the concert is run by their business. I am so siked for it!!

Anyways, back to Sethy.

He is my rock and even though we have had a crazy year I still love him to pieces! He spoils me like crazy and is always such a gentleman! He always opens the car door for me and I have to fight him (literally…kind of) to let me pay for anything. I am one lucky gal and I just wanted to brag about him a little bit.

I love you Sethy! Happy Birthday!!!

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