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Creeping on a photographer

January 21, 2012

For my senior project I have to shadow a “professional” person  as part of my senior project that I need to complete in order to graduate.

Since I wanna  be a writer and whatnot I was gonna shadow a local magazine and their writer but they never got back to me again. So I decided to follow around my good friend Kent Mast who did my senior pictures. If you live in our area and need a photographer for anything, hire him. This morning I got to follow him around while he did an engagement shoot for a super cool couple, Nancy (who I know from church) and her fiance Andrew. I got to learn lots and lots about photo taking and angles and cameras and it was so much fun!!

To see the awesome photos Kent took keep a look out on his blog.

Oh look out below! I picture of me lookin’ like a bug as I was doing my job as the very diligent photographer’s assistant.

Hope ya’ll had a great snowy Saturday :)



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